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Lille Vs Everton

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Lille Vs Everton
Date: Thu 23rd Oct 2014
Everton flew out of John Lennon airport to Lille this morning in their Blackberry training tops t

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Everton 3 Vs 0 Villa

Last Match

Everton 3 Vs 0 Villa
Date: Sat 18th Oct 2014
Star Man: Leighton Baines
Goal Scorer(s): Jagielka(18m), Lukaku(48m), Coleman(75m)

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Canter Levin &amo; Berg

Barclays Premier League


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Dixie Is Back

Dixie is Back

On this day in 1926 Dixie Dean returned to the first team after missing the opening 13 games oF the season following ...

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